Condo Hotel

Condominium Hotel

Condominium hotels are a popular trend in second home ownership. A condo hotel affords you the opportunity to own an elegant, professionally furnished hotel suite in some of the most desirable locations in the world. The buyer can purchase a luxury vacation home at a world-class resort and receive rent revenue to offset ownership costs. They are NOT timeshares.  The buyer owns the condominium and receives a deed to the property.  Owning a condo hotel unit can have many benefits such as property appreciation, tax advantages, and the option of placement in a rental program.  As an owner, unlike a timeshare, you have the pleasure of using your condo hotel whenever you choose and enjoying all the amenities of the hotel.  When you or your guests are not using it, you can offset expenses by placing it into a rental program.  Our professional management company offers a generous revenue split with two-thirds of the room proceeds paid to the owner.

Buying an Orlando Condo Hotel

When you purchase a condo at the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, you own a piece of Orlando.  By purchasing a condo hotel unit, you enjoy all the amenities of a luxury hotel with the comforts of home.  Having your own fully furnished and equipped condo makes it easy for a family to save on vacation expenses.  Unlike a timeshare, the Lake Buena Vista Resort condo hotel is wholly owned. Owners have the opportunity to participate in our rental program.  Decide when you want to stay and management reserves that time period for you.  It’s as easy as that.